THC Tonic Berry Lemon Drop

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5mg THC & 5mg CBD

Berry Lemon Drop THC tonic is a cocktail-inspired N/A beverage that is great for anytime enjoyment. Bursting with bright lemon and a backdrop of blackberry and citrus, this tart, carbonated tonic is made with 100% real fruit…no extracts or flavorings! With 5mg of THC, have one or stack it for a longer effect. Bring it to the party, game night, or enjoy a relaxing and fun night at home!

Nutrition Facts:

Servings: 1 (12 oz) can Amount per serving: Calories: 85,  Total Sugars: 21


2/16/2024: BLD#01 – 02/16-2024

Testing done at SC Labs: 1301 S Jason St Unit K, Denver, CO 80223 | 888.800.8223 |

THC/CBD suppliers: 

•NSH LLC: You Betchya 2400 N 2nd St • MPLS, MN 55411 |



Flavor Notes

AROMA: Citrus - Lemon and Orange

VISUAL: Muted Rose

MOUTHFEEL: Smooth with fizz

TASTE: Lemonade with a berry burst


• Blackberry
• Lemon
• Orange
• Raw sugar

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