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In this bizarre new era we’re living in, the Growler Shop is open Wednesday – Sunday, Noon – 8pm. We have crowlers and DM growler fills available, as well as merchandise and gift cards. We are limiting the shop capacity to three customers at a time. Our crowler and growler fill list is available below, as well as a link to our online store. Thanks for your continued support!

The shop is located 2 doors down (North) from the taproom.

Per Minneapolis ordinance, MASKS ARE REQUIRED in the growler shop. We’re wearing them too! It’s great! You keep us safe, we keep you safe. Thanks for not giving our staff a hard time about it.


• We will only be filling our pre-cleaned, DM branded glass growlers at this time.

• You can return or trade in your old DM glass growler for a fresh clean one or return it and receive credit towards your purchase or a future purchase.

• At this time we will not be filling any personal stainless steel, ceramic, glass, or growlers from other breweries. We are doing this to maintain a high level of sanitation between our staff and customers.

While we’d usually love to fill your personalized growlers, the pandemic has made that unsafe for the time being. We will happily accept back DM growlers (mini or 64oz) in exchange for a FRESH, CLEAN DM growler, but we will not fill the bottle you bring in – DM or otherwise. If you have a collection of your favorite stickers on your bottle, keep that one at home for now and we will happily fill it when all this sh*t is over. If you’re bringing in a DM growler to exchange, the staff will direct you to where they’d like you to put it. We are NOT accepting glass growlers from other breweries – please don’t bring them in! And you caught the bit above about masks being required, right? MASKS ARE REQUIRED in the growler shop.

As always, our growlers are either 64oz or 750ml. If you don’t have one of your own yet, we’ll happily sell you one for $5.

All of our beer is unpasteurized and should be drank FRESH! Please keep your growlers and crowlers cold, and drink them as soon as you can. The maximum recommended shelf life is 2 weeks for growlers and 3 months for crowlers. Again, please refrigerate your beer!

We’ve discontinued our regular curbside program, but if you’re high-risk (or high-caution) and aren’t comfortable in the shop, we’re happy to make something work. Email curbside@dangerousmanbrewing.com and we’ll find a solution, no big deal.

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