T-Th: 4-10pm
Fri: 3-midnight
Sat: noon-midnight
Sun-Mon: closed

Taproom Location:
1300 2nd Street NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413
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Our Place

Dangerous Man's taproom was formerly a bank that resided on the corner of 13th Avenue and 2nd Street in Northeast Minneapolis. The tall pillars reminiscent of a bank are still in place today, as well as a iron bank door that can be seen in the southwest corner of the taproom. If you look above the doorway when entering Dangerous Man, the bank's name is still etched into brick. 

Rob, Sarah, and extensive family, friends, and volunteers built almost all of the taproom and brewery themselves. It is a work of love, and family. Repurposed wood was taken from a building in downtown Minneapolis and was used to build the bar and taproom tables, helping to give the space a glowing warmth in the twilight hours of Minneapolis. 

Around the bar you'll see several iconic pieces of art, all from local artists. Jake Keeler's "Bearded Gar" is painted above the southwest corner, right above the bank vault door, and is defininitely imposing! Almost rasputin-like, the fish demonstrates our penchant for beards and danger; always in that order. On the east wall is a sculpture installation piece by a Peter Geyen. It's surreal, imaginitive, and has an amazing sense of movement and poise as an army approaches a strange shaman, shifting time. Stand under the piece and look straight up for a surprise. On the Northeast wall is another installation piece by Peter, featuring a gorilla skull and several young thieves. Fantastic sense of movement, if not a daring sense of style. There is also a metal and glass light that was created by local glass blower, Todd Cameron.

The bar was constructed by Rogue Arc of Minneapolis and features steel, copper, and iron plates overlaying each other.  The atmosphere is simple and inviting.  We want you to meet new people, catch up with old friends, or just be lonely and chat with the staff.


Our Amazing Staff

Contrary to popular belief, we are not a bunch of vinegar drinking know-it-alls, whose sole purpose in life is to make yours a living hell. Pretentious? Nope. Insane? Maybe. Dangerous? Most definitely.



Our Community

We are dedicated to giving back to the community that supports us. We do this through Dangerous Man Volunteer Group and Dangerous Man Swag donations to charitable events.


DMBC VOLUNTEERS  We are passionate about giving back to the community through a variety of volunteer events and activities. All events will be posted up on our facebook page and on our website. You will also receive email updates with events to signup for. After each event we will all enjoy some Dangerous Man Beer and great company.
Become a DMBC Volunteer Today!


CHARITABLE DONATIONS  If you are interested in receiving a charitable donation for your event or finding out more info about how Dangerous Man Brewing gives back to the community please email Maggie@Dangerousmanbrewing.com

*We do not donate to religious organizations or anything affiliated with youth.  Because Beer.


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