The Vision

We are a microbrewery with a production facility in Maple Lake, Minnesota. Our focus is high-quality, small-batch production beers with ever-changing cans and kegs.  


Some History

Rob Miller began homebrewing in 2004 and by 2012 he had developed over 200 recipes. His friends and family were buying his beer for gifts and parties, this was not the homebrew that your friend tries to convince you is good but you dread sipping it. In 2000, Sarah and Rob began drafting up a business plan loosely based on a favorite brewery in Missoula Montana, The Kettlehouse. But they soon found out that this taproom-only model was not legal in the state of Minnesota. So Rob returned to homebrewing and Sarah returned to her day job. Then Sarah got wind that the Surly bill was going to pass the house and senate in 2011, allowing for the very business model they had dreamed of opening. They dusted off the business plan, convinced 70 of their close friends and family to give them money and started looking for a home.

Sarah and Rob with their two kids in tow would drive around NE Minneapolis looking for a building. One rainy Sunday they stumbled onto the NE Bank Building. It was filled with vintage furniture and had no heating or bathrooms. Rob was convinced it was perfect, Sarah was not so sure. But in 2012 they signed a lease and made that space their home for almost 11 years!

We opened our doors in 2013 with a vision to make great craft beer, create a space for friends and families to gather, and contribute to the betterment of our neighborhood. Over the years, we have been humbled by our patrons’ overwhelming support and loyalty, who have become more than customers; you are part of our extended family.

In October of 2023 the building where we rented in, sold to new ownership and our taproom and growler shop closed. We have never owned the building, so in that sense, our future there has always been uncertain.  But, it is with gratitude and excitement that our beloved space of 10+ years will become home to our dear friend Yia Vang’s restaurant – Vinai, our beloved space is in good hands and will continue to be a community gathering place.

Of all the folks to thank, it is our staff, past and present, that we are most grateful for. Their dedication over many years and many hurdles have been the greatest teachers we have had. Their commitment to our business and this amazing industry is the reason we have been successful. They have been the heart and soul of this establishment, and none of this would have been possible without every one of them.
What is next for DM? We have lots of ideas! Ones that have more outdoor space, more animals, more plants, just as much sense of community, and, as always, more innovation to strive for. WE ARE NOT DONE YET. We are going to take this time to figure out which path forward looks the coolest, most fun, and a little Dangerous! In the meantime, we will keep making high-quality craft beer at our production facility, so look for us at your favorite spots and liquor stores.