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Here's what's currently on tap. Yes, right now.

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White Wine Barrel-Aged Imperial Limoncello IPA

India Pale Ale

9% ABV  –  90 IBU

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Peanut Butter Porter


6.1% ABV  –  29 IBU

Peanut butter, chocolate, hints of coffee and toast.

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Chocolate Milk Stout


5% ABV  –  28 IBU

The Chocolate Milk Stout is pitch black with an off-tan head and a large, roast and chocolate aroma. Thick and creamy, the flavors in the CMS range from dark and milk chocolate, coffee, and toasted bread. Boosted with lactose additions, this beer is distinct for its rich and creamy chocolate flavors.

JXTA Golden Ale

Light Hybrid Beer

5.8% ABV  –  15 IBU

Brewed with lemon peels, ginger, and turmeric.

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Belgian Golden Strong

Belgian Strong Ale

10.4% ABV  –  28 IBU

A large, sweet malt bouquet that has notes of pears and other milder fruits. Large hints of biscuits, candy, and toffee are present in the malt flavors with a present heat from the large alcohol content. A thick finger of white foam sits in the glass. A noted bitterness ends with the beers dry finish.

Earthbound Gruit

Spice/Herb/Vegetable Beer

6.6% ABV

A hopless ale brewed with red cedar branches, heather tips, and basswood honey.

Cream de la Creme!

Cream Ale

Light Hybrid Beer

6.3% ABV  –  20 IBU

A soft blend of biscuit, fruit, and earth in a medium draw with striking clarity and wonderful crispness. This Cream Ale is a simple work that speaks volumes and is a favorite here at Dangerous Man. It is light in color, heavy in impression.

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Belgian Table Beer

Belgian and French Ale

4% ABV  –  22 IBU

Strong Belgian yeast presence for large aromatics of clove and bananas, with a hint of white wheat on the nose. The body is medium with a fat, white head with a slightly effervescent draw. Malt forward in flavor, notes of the banana and cloves mingle with pleasant biscuit and light caramel notes. The beer is finishes dry with a light bitterness.

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Watermelon Sour


5.4% ABV  –  6 IBU

Sweet candy-like watermelon with a sour twist.

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Passionfruit Guava Sour


4.7% ABV  –  6 IBU

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Cran-Razz Sour


7.3% ABV  –  20 IBU

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Tri-Hop Sour


6.7% ABV  –  20 IBU

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Belgian Brut IPA


8% ABV

Exclusively dry hopped, dry as all hell, and brewed with Belgian yeast, lemongrass, and Thai lime leaves.

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Lemongrab - Modist Collaboration Pink Lemonade IPA

India Pale Ale

5.5% ABV  –  25 IBU

It's your childhood in a glass, with a bit of alcohol.

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House IPA

American Ale

7.6% ABV  –  70 IBU

Citrus and an especially fruity yeast profile round out this India Pale Ale. Medium-bodied, the wheat addition sneaks into the malt profile of this beer and helps to highlight the grapefruit and orange flavorings. A pleasant, lingering bitterness finishes the beer.

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