Belgian Golden Strong

Are we ready for a strong drink?

Well, let’s sit down and have one if we must. And if we must, we should have ourselves one of Dangerous Man’s Belgian Golden Strong.


Because it is a tincture of gold– intoxicating and alluring, shining bright in its tulip vassal.

Rob and Keigan used pilsner malt for the base of this recipe and included aromatic and carafoam supplementary malts. Aromatic malt is especially potent in the nose of the beer as it brings forward large malt flavors as the carafoam steps in to create the large, pillowy-white head and thick mouth-feel. A large addition of of Belgian soft candi sugar helped to boost the alcohol content of the beer bringing it up to 10.1% ABV. This one’s a beast!

As Belgian Golden Strong’s have their origin in the 20th Century, they are a beer made to directly compete with the Pilsner. Bolder, with a large, sweet malt bouquet, and a pleasant bitterness, Golden Strong’s are a great sipper beer and dangerous if quaffed.









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Flavor Notes

A large, sweet malt bouquet that has notes of pears and other milder fruits. Large hints of biscuits, candy, and toffee are present in the malt flavors with a present heat from the large alcohol content. A thick finger of white foam sits in the glass. A noted bitterness ends with the beers dry finish.


Pilsner, Aromatic, and Carafoam malts


Belgian Ale Yeast

Food Pairings

Duck and other French fair, nothing too spicy or complex. This beer shines with simple food pairings.