Full Moon Effect Hazelnut Mocha Imperial Stout Aged in Appleton Rum Barrels

Full Moon Effect is a Double Barrel-Aged Hazelnut Mocha Imperial Stout. First Barrel Aged in Appleton Rum barrels and finished in Willet Bourbon barrels. Conditioned on espresso roast from Dogwood Coffee, chocolate, hazelnut, & vanilla beans. Notes of dark bakers chocolate, smooth vanilla, deep coffee and a nice nutty hazelnut finish with a hint of salt. The rum brings a hint of spice while the bourbon brings depth and smooth vanilla, this one is big and bold bodied. • 14.6%ABV • $24/bottle


Barrel-Aged, Coffee, Imperial Stout




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Dogwood Coffee Espresso Roast, Chocolate, Hazelnut, Vanilla Beans