Lucky 13 Speciální Czech Lager

Lucky 13 is a subtle yet complex Czech Lager. Aromatics of fresh grass, sweet flowers, and spice swirl in your nose, and your mouth fills with a light spiciness, sourdough bread, and a hint of earthiness. This lucky little number finishes with a dash of hop bitterness, a little snappy, and is crisp and oh so refreshing.  Hopped with Saaz Hops. 5.8% ABV 


 This Czech lager was brewed for the Slavic Experience!  The Lucky number 13 represents the original gravity (see what Original Gravity means below)  of this Czech Lager along with being representative and celebrating the 13 countries that make up the Slavic Region.  The Slavic Experince’s mission is to create a welcoming space for people of  Slavic heritage to commemorate, celebrate, and share the richness and diversity of Eastern European traditions and customs with the Greater Twin Cities Community. 


An original gravity (OG) reading indicates the number of dissolved sugars in the beer that can be converted into alcohol. These sugars come from malted grain and are later consumed by yeast to convert wort into beer. In short, the OG is an indication of the beer’s potential alcohol percentage






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