THC Tonic Off Switch

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3mg THC & 20mg CBD

Off Switch is NOT here for the party. This herbal tonic is designed to turn off the busy brain, calm your senses, and get settled in for a great night of relaxation. The combination of low THC, high CBD, and passion flower can help aid in relaxation, reducing stress, and getting the sleep you need.  Grab a can and turn Off your Switch.

Nutrition Facts:

Servings: 1 (12 oz) can Amount per serving: Calories: 43,  Total Sugars: 11g

Ingredients: RO water, Passion Flower, Pea Flower, Sicilian Lemon, Honey, Vanilla, Citric Acid, CBD, Hemp derived delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol.


03/21/2024 THC OS2 03/21/2024 Lab Results

2/7/2024  THC OS01 02/07/2024 Lab Results

Testing done at SC Labs: 1301 S Jason St Unit K, Denver, CO 80223 | 888.800.8223 |

Testing done at Adams Independent Testing | 4160 98th Ave S, Fargo, ND 58104 | 888.897.HEMP (4367) |

THC/CBD suppliers: 

•NSH LLC: You Betchya 2400 N 2nd St • MPLS, MN 55411 |

Produced and Packaged by: Dangerous Man Brewing Co. 610 Oak Ave N, Maple Lake MN, 55358. Phone number: 612-259-7283



Year Round

Flavor Notes

AROMA: Herbal, Citrus, Sweet

VISUAL: Purple

MOUTHFEEL: Tea-like with a slight fizz

TASTE: Herbal and Grassy (similar to green tea), Lemon & light honey


• pea flower
• passion flower
• sicilian lemon
• honey
• vanilla

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