Beertender / Merch Maven

Meet Brandi at DM she’s a Beer-tending merchandise fluffer/ shipper extraordinaire. When Brandi is not busy here at DM you can find her catering to the needs of her fur babies, begging the human daughter to clean up after herself, attempting to carve out time to hang out with my BFF/hubby, and desperately trying to figure out what I’m making for dinner. She loves yoga, gardening, making art, bee watching 🐝, admiring my corgi’s fluffy pants and general adorableness.

1.) Q: What is your go-to beer, the old stand-by? What’s your favorite beer currently? The old standby:

Something dark, a touch sweet, and quite boozy. Current faves: hazy IPAs and milkshake IPAs, you know… gateway stuff

2.) Q: What’s your favorite RomCom?

I hate to pick favorites. I shall panic choose The Wedding Singer

3.) Q: When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Obviously I wanted to be a marine biologist and/or veterinarian at the zoo. Turns out being terrified of deep water is not conducive to the former and I don’t know what happened to the latter dream.

4.) Q: If you could talk to one species of animal what would it be and why?

Birds. I think we’d have some good conversation

5.) Q: What would you be doing if you could live your dream life?

I’d live in a cozy A-frame cabin on a lake with my little family, with plenty of land for my friends and family to have space nearby. I would have a little converted tiny home bus to travel around the country when winter gets too cold, long, and oppressive.