Imperial Golden Rose Ale

For every “they love me, they love me not,” plucked pedal, the Dangerous Man Imperial Golden Rose Ale is raised for those maybe in love, and for those maybe in not. The unknown and indecisiveness are not so much a product of the world, but rather are a part of everyday life. Trust us, an Ale will help answer all those weighty questions and subliminal conclusions along; with each sip, “they love me, the love me not,” with each sip, “I worry, I worry not,” with each sip, “I want Element Pizza…,” and in the end all you’ll want to do is hang a banner saying, “you’re killing me, Buster,” to teach everyone about the dangers of leaving for Army.

Dangerous Man’s  Golden Ale consists of Rahr 2-Row as a base and includes Light Munich, Dextrose, and 10 lbs. of rose pedals. It is pleasant, light, and charming with a soft sweetness and a blessed touch of herbal roses. It’s definitely a banger in the mouth!

The roses were steeped in the wort near the end of the boil and were removed before too much bitterness was pulled from their petals. An almost invisible amount of pink hue is hidden in the orange and gold color of this golden ale, as the Belgian yeast leaps from the glass to your nose. It is dry, it is brilliant, it is ready to beckon love’s holiday with open arms. Don’t get 2 close 2 my fantasy, Dangerous Man, don’t get to 2 close…

Life’s been pretty eventful lately, hasn’t it? Yeah, we think so too. Come drink local, come drink Dangerous.



Light & Crisp






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Flavor Notes

The rose pedals have a herbal, tea-like quality from being steeped in the boil kettle. The beer attenuated fully, leaving it dry with a crisp malt backbone. The tea blends with the clove phenols produced by the Belgian yeast strain to produce a very aromatic and especially pleasant on the nose beer.


Pale Malt, Light Munich, Rose Petals