Mango Mango Cheesecake Fight (Collab w/ The Brewing Projekt & Malteurop)

This Pastry Ale was brewed in collaboration with the fine folks over at The Brewing Projekt and Malteurop Malting Company. This team of A+ fighters features Mango, Soursop, Mandarin, Cream Cheese Powder, Honey, Vanilla, Cinnamon and was brewed using malts, grains, and wheat from Malteurop Malting Company. Mango is the strong leader in this wild beer with spurts of citrusy Mandarin, hints of tart soursop and finishes like a creamy smooth juice bomb! Watch out, this team is coming in hot with an ABV of 8.6% , but you’d never know it! Truly Dangerous.

Who will win the battle of the Cheesecakes? Round one Dangerous Man Mango Mango Cheesecake Fight VS The Brewing Projekt Dezzert Fight. Better yet, SMASH em’ together and taste the best of both worlds! This was such a fun collab with the cool cats over at The Brewing Project. We also got to visit them over in Eau Claire and brew an Imperial Sour Ale featuring Blackberry, Pineapple, Soursop, Cream Cheese Powder, Graham Cracker and Vanilla that will be pouring along side ours at Craft Brewers Conference and will be in stores around town so keep your eye peeled 👀!


Pastry Ale, Smooth & Fruity






Not Currently Available


Mangoes, Soursop, Mandarins, Cream Cheese Powder, Honey, Vanilla, Cinnamon *Contains Lactose