Single Hop Series #1: Colombus IPA

Looking for something hoppy? Looking for something that has a slap-in-the-face aroma? Looking for something that will grab your senses, dash them on the reef, leave them stranded on a paradise desert island, befriend some coconuts, and live happily until the end of your draught? Yeah, we knew you were. Dangerous Man is happy to release the Columbus India Pale Ale.

This IPA has a simple grain bill: Rahr 2-Row, Crystal 60L, and dextrose. The combination of these grains creates a copper colored beer, with a pleasant breadiness, hint of caramel, and a dry finish. This grain bill is meant to provide a sturdy backbone for the hop portion of this beer. By limiting the amount and variety of malts and sugars added, the beer can showcase a particular flavor or facet which causes the beer to be categorized in the first place. For India Pale Ales this just happens to be a behemoth hop presence and sturdy alcohol content.

This India Pale Ale is single-hopped with Columbus; definitely a formidable hop opponent. Hop Additions include a First Wort Hopping, 20 minutes, and large additions at 10 minutes, and 5 minutes. This hopping schedule blasts the flavor profile of the hops and accentuates hop aroma. Bittering utilization comes from boiling hops, so the less time they spend in the boil, the less bitterness is pronounced and more hop flavor is apparent. Bittering does occur in late-hopping, but to a smaller degree. When Rob and Keigan late-hopped this India Pale Ale it released a gigantic potential of hop flavoring and aroma which is phenomenal with Columbus hop. Who isn’t looking forward to this spicy and earthy hop profile? Well, there’s even more. This beer was dry hopped with a huge amount of Columbus for 5 days, causing it’s aroma to leap off the tap and be smelled from across the bar. It’s getting real over here at Dangerous Man.

Have our legs started running so fast they’ve turned into windmills and we’re running in place? Is that physically possible anywhere except a greased floor? I don’t know.

Everything’s in movement, the dance is flux; drink local, drink Dangerous.




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Flavor Notes

A golden-colored beer with notes of bread and caramel with a dry finish. The showcase Columbus hops feature a spicy, earthy profile that accentuates some of the malt tones and ester content of the American yeast.


Pale Malt, Crystal Malt