Single Hop Series #2: Bravo IPA

No, thank you! Thank you! This round of applause goes out to all of our favorite Dangerous Man patrons, which is everyone except for Rupert. Seriously, Rupert, give it up. @*&^#! I’m sick of hearing about it already. No one cares that you think you saw Dolly Parton at FedEx that one time in San Bernadino.

My apologies, this is us cheering bravo to you, Dangerous Man is happy to present the Single Hop Series #2 beer, the Bravo IPA.

Bravo is a recent cultivar of the Hopsteiner Breeding Program, a family-run hop breeding business that has been around since 1845. With research and cultivation locations within the U.S. and the E.U, the Hopsteiner company has a wide variety of new hop innovations, as well as excellent quality hops.

The Bravo hop is a cross between Zues, an American high alpha acid hop, and several other test hops. The result is fantastic. Big earth and spice, with a prominent citrus presence on the nose and in the draw. Dangerous Man employee tastings have found orange, hints or pith, and the presence of marmalade in the taste and the aroma. With the pleasant malt backbone, these flavors find a strong root to take hold.

We’re excited, you’re excited, let’s put down like a billion pints together! 

Drink local, drink Dangerous! 




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Flavor Notes

Large fruit and jam tones including marmalade, orange, and pith. A reserved malt backbone helps to boost the hops out of the glass and add a tinch of sweetness to the present bitterness. Medium body with a dry draw.


Pale Malt