Meg Habisch


What is your favorite beer?

I’m almost always happy to drink a Mexican Honey from Indeed and DM’s pluot sour will hold a place in my heart forever

What is your favorite meal?

Put all this on a giant plate and I’m happy: tons of cheeses, olives, breads and oils and hummus and zaatar and honey and maybe even a few dates if you’re feeling sassy

What is your favorite MN Activity?

I love going to Minnehaha Falls and sitting by the creek and the trees, winter or summer.

Where is your happy place?

There’s so many–my favorite coffee shop cozied up in a booth with a book, watching some great music in a dark bar, hanging with my nephews

If you could live your dream life, what would you be doing?

I would be a traveling cabaret singer, who knows I might do it yet